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Sekona Homecare Solutions


best dedicated quality homecare provider

About Us


We are Sekona Homecare Solutions (SHS), a team of professional homecare givers who are highly dedicated to their job to avoid some causes of unnecessary emergency medical service responses for our clients because we regard them as part of our family. 

We believe the quality of our commitment and compassion that we are rendering to them should be some helping tools to sustain their normal ways of lives, so we are greatly prioritized for their daily living assistance while we are there.


In fact, taking care of our clients shouldn't be only relied on the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) guidelines and homecare solution experts, for we value and welcome some ideas from them and/or family if they do not violate the safety of our team and/or state guidelines.

Because of our commitment to humanity, we are always proud rendering our service indignity and respect because it defines whom we are as a team; therefore, we make our service affordable, excellent and reliable to maintain those committment that we stand for in the society.



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